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About Diwa

I initially sought treatment for back discomfort and a general sluggish feeling. Janet is very thorough in her initial consultation. She does a complete medical history background and changes up the treatments to optimize the results. She always starts each

Michael Kelly, San Francisco, CA

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At Diwa, your health is our priority.  Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to health.  We view the individual as an integrated whole and seeks to address the underlying causes of pain or illness.  Each visit is personalized and tailored to meet your changing needs.  An initial evaluation of your health concern, health history and a treatment plan will be conducted.

How Diwa Manages Your Care:

  • Offer Personalized Undivided Care For Each Patient
  • Provide Health Care Specifically Tailored To Your Body’s Needs
  • Convenient Location – Accessible To All Forms of Transportation and Parking
  • Emphasis on Health Prevention – Offer Affordable Wellness Programs To Support An Active Lifestyle
  • Hassle-Free Online Scheduling For The Busy Individual
  • Offer An Array Of Complementary Services To Treat A Variety of Conditions
  • Offer Specialized Care For Specific Health Conditions

The Meaning of “Diwa”:

Diwa is a Filipino/Tagalog word that translates to “essence,” “soul,” “spirit,” and “consciousness.” Diwa represents “the intrinsic nature of things or true substance;” the “cause of inspiration and energy or life;” and “awakening.”

Diwa is a symbol that reminds us that we each have the capacity to purify the mind, develop infinite compassion, and harmony within.  Diwa strives to bring forth this capacity and innate ability to heal ourselves, nurture our well-being, and foster our natural connection between the mind, body, and spirit.