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After three months of pain in my hands and arms (tendonitis the cause) I decided to make an appointment with Janet. During the first visit she explained me so well how her practice will help with my problem. You know,

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Do you ever feel you long for something?

Do you feel anxious, knowing there is something in your gut telling you there is something more?

You know there is something more. You know there is something more than going about your day at work or at home.

I share this exact same feeling.

Since the start of 2014, I had a wake-up call and a realization:

Your life can change at any moment.

Life can also be taken away from you at any moment.

This realization came from an unconscious memory/incident that I experienced as a child and has carried within me to the present.

I am now making a conscious and purposeful decision to do something different.

Since the New Year, I have been undergoing a transformation to re-align my passions with everything I do personally and professionally. Specifically, I have been re-evaluating my services as it directly relates to my overall purpose in life.

Why am I doing the things I am doing? What purpose am I serving and contributing to the world? How can I reconnect myself – an expression of who I am through my job, profession, business, and family to my purpose?

This is why I have been out of touch.

The timing seems perfect to do this re-evaluation. This season of spring and the lunar new year of the Wood Horse represent this change and transformation.

Why am I sharing this with you?

When you can reconnect to your “Why” or your purpose, change and transformation take place. You begin to notice and open up to subtle opportunities that surround you – whether it relates to your health, career, and relationships. These opportunities serve as stepping stones towards living your best life.

This particular year represents a significant turning point and shift of energies that brings full of uplift, optimism, and inspiration.

According to Chinese philosophy and astrology, for the past two years, we have undergone a void, a place of question, dissolution, and internal chaos. For many, especially myself included, this was an unsettling time of letting go of many things, either voluntarily or forcefully, a time of deep soul searching in many areas of family and life.

The cycle of the Five Elements in Chinese philosophy have set us up for this shift towards a transformative New Year. In the cycle, Wood feeds Fire, Fire’s ashes creates Earth, Earth’s compression creates Metal, and Metal collects and holds Water, which nourishes the Wood and the cycle begins again. This cycle works inherently throughout nature, our bodies, our psyche, and the energetic movements of all living things that surround us every day.

We are in the generative cycle of Wood – fueling the passions of Fire and the beginning’s of the Earth’s harvest. Wood is associated with new beginnings and renewal. The Horse’s energy inspires powerful intuition and surge towards freedom in every aspect of life.

This year follow your inner voice.

Create your vision and fuel them with creativity.

Follow your intuition fearlessly – as this is the Horse’s main attribute to preserve its freedom and powerful health.

Create a new level of social connection and mutual support in your community.

Trust every impulse to embrace a renewed sense of self and being to enjoy the pleasures offered around you.

Step out of “should-have-dones” or regrets. Get clear on what it is that you truly desire in this lifetime.

This is your year of the Wood Horse – full of vibrant health and stamina. De-clutter old stored memories and let out your passions and desires!

May you live life and health abundantly, branch out new growth and get closer to the life you truly want and deserve.

Janet Co, L.Ac.