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Is your technology device distracting you?  Are you feeling a lack of focus and purpose because of it?  Are you feeling overwhelmed with information overload?  Do you also have trouble shutting your mind off when you need to?

If you do, you are not alone.  The majority of us are plugged in to our devices.  In 2012, about 90 percent of Americans own a cell phone and of those, about 55 percent use their cell phone to access the internet.  Every once in awhile it is good to remove ourselves from our tech devices in order to stay connected with our natural way of being.


If you experience any of the above, it may be a good idea to unplug for at least 24 hours to start.  The act of unplugging doesn’t mean to quit cold turkey, but to help your body reset or balance itself naturally.  Once we do, we can help our bodies restore function optimally.  As humans, we respond to our natural environment.

In Chinese medicine, the Spring season (& Fall) provide the best opportunity to unplug, detoxify and cleanse the body and mind from impurities or toxins that harm the body in various ways.  This season is a transitionary time to help us transform and prepare our bodies from winter to summer.  This season helps to remind us to recharge, re-balance, and rejuvenate our bodies.


De-stress or detox from your daily grind or routine.  Take a day off indoors and enjoy the outdoors this Spring!  Get out in nature by taking a walk, hike, bike ride and enjoy what is around you.  You can easily step outside your door or go to your favorite local park.

Energize your day by making your favorite breakfast.  It can be as simple as making a fresh energy-boosting smoothie with scrambled eggs or omelet.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Treat your body and mind by getting acupuncture!  Give your body the attention it deserves by allowing the time to restore and balance the body through acupuncture.  Acupuncture can help boost immunity, raise energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, boost mental and physical performance, increase clarity, to name a few.  Click here for a list of conditions treated.

Oxygenate your body through proper breathing and hydration.  Maintaining adequate levels of oxygen in the body is necessary for cellular respiration and growth.  Often times we may breathe using our chest, inhaling too much air and constricting blood vessels.  Healthy breathing is deep, slow and utilizes the abdomen and diaphragm.  Also, drinking enough water is essential for proper utilization of oxygen, transporting blood and body fluids in the body.

Xercise!  Do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.  If you haven’t worked out in awhile, start gradually and work your way up.  Start with 15 minutes daily or 30 minutes every other day.  Listen to your body and your body will appreciate you more by keeping it active rather than sedentary.

Interact and reconnect with friends and family.  Often times, we may spend more time in a day with our devices than with our friends and family.  Spending quality social interaction can help boost the body’s energy as well as maintain overall health.

Fun and laughter is great way to unplug!  Get in touch with the things you really enjoy doing.  List 10-20 things you find fun and makes you laugh.  Include things as simple as doing a crossword puzzle or playing a board game with your friends and family to taking a nice relaxing bubble bath to taking an adventurous river rafting trip!

You are the healer.  Acknowledge yourself in the effort to restore, recharge, and re-balance your body by unplugging from your devices for at least 24 hours.  Only you have the ability to begin the process to restore your body’s natural defense and immunity mechanisms.  Your body will appreciate it greatly!

No doubt – our bodies are naturally made to be active.  The rising use of our technological devices can make us feel ill, confused, exhaustively drained, anxious, restless, addictive, sedentary, and obese.  Try to unplug and detox for at least 24 hours (or more) this Spring!

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